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How We Got Here: “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society” by Dr. Jose Delgado (

The silence of not being so attached to words, views, rituals, practices, or any religious forms is ultimately and intensely liberating. For the past five years (2007–11), I have taught a very serious course on Buddhist history at the shedra of Lotus Garden meditation center, the Western center of Her Eminence Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche. I have also taught shorter such courses at various Zen and Vipassanā centers and I also write and teach on-line for widely circulated popular Buddhist periodicals. This Lotus Garden project began with an email to Khandro Rinpoche in 2005 in which I outlined the project in general, but did not propose it as a course of study at Lotus Garden. Some weeks later, in India, I asked her what she thought of the project and she replied that she liked it.

He continued to teach until his death, at age 80 and, afterwards, his disciples continued his vision and established schools in his name. 2015.A systematic review of the neurophysiology of mindfulness on EEG oscillations. As soon as your Lego lights arrive, it would be safe for you to take a few minutes to inspect them. This ensures that all shipped lights and accessories look and are in perfect condition.

Many schizophrenics have their times of heavenly happiness; but the fact that (unlike the mascalin taker) they do not know when, if ever, they will be permitted to return to the reassuring banality of everyday experience causes even heaven to seem appalling. Insanity, or psychosis mimicking, or even generating hallucinations, aren’t attractive terms and don’t work well for marketing purposes – or for the outcome of the “psychedelic” or, more importantly, the “entheogenic” experience. This paper was made possible by the financial support of the Organizing Committee of the 74th WFC under the chairmanship of Dr. Sang-Mok Lee and of the AnySoftware company under the leadership of Dr. Sung-Bin Kim. The author is also indebted to Mr. Eungsu Kweon (AnySofware Co.) for making possible the visit to the National Museum of Korea to obtain information on the history of metalcasting pertinent to Korea.

The riddle of modern historical studies and traditional studies

I think that I’m carrying on much of the work that he started over a hundred years ago. And so it seems, with a little public and social relations and marketing strategy, the fruit of the tree was remarketed in a fashion so suiting the Serpent – a rose. Durán’s tone here is so out of harmony with what he had previously said that, were we not dealing with the holographic manuscript in his own hand, I would ask whether we had to do with an interpolation of a priestly redactor.

The article went viral and led to the term’s widespread adoption in Chinese society as youth consider it in vogue. Proponents have praised the mindset as relieving youths’ stress and reducing resentments. Even in todays modern society, the worlds cultural heritage remains under attack from wars, natural disasters, thefts and accidents. Not all damaged or destroyed cultural relics can be recreated with hi-tech. I’m a graduate of MBSR Jon Kabat Zinn, Saki Santorelli and Thich Natch Hann were my teacher’s .

The Buddha’s itinerary extended from his hometown Kapilavastu and Śrāvastī in the north, to Vārāṇasī , Rājagṛha (Rājgir), Vaiśālī , Kauśāmbi , Nālandā, and several other places in the Ganges basin. Later commentarial texts provide exact information about the places where the Buddha took up residence during the rainy season of each particular year of his teaching period, but it is doubtful that the dates provided in these texts are reliable. The historical Buddha was born into the Śākya family, which belonged to the kṣatriya caste, considered by Buddhists to be the highest caste. He was later known by the honorary title Śākyamuni, which means “sage of the Śākya clan.” The Śākyas were not kings, but they formed a class of nobles within a republican system of government that held regular meetings of the members of the leading families. The future Buddha belonged to the Gautama clan, so he was later on known as Gautama Buddha. His individual name was Siddhārtha (Pāli, Siddhattha), his father’s name was Śuddhodana (Pāli, Suddhodana), and his mother’s name was Māyā.

Syncretism and Ancient Chronology: Can Democritus Date the Buddha?

Along with Sarnath (which is located in present-day Uttar Pradesh), the most important Buddhist mahaviharas in India were Vikramashila, Odantapuri, and Nalanda (all located in present-day Bihar). All four of these centres of learning continued to thrive throughout the 12th century, probably because of the protection, support and tolerance demonstrated by the Pala and Gahadavala rulers. For example, the Kumaradevi inscription mentions that King Govindachandra had protected Varanasi from invasions by the Ghaznavids in the early to mid-12th century.

Further extensive investigation with regard to those who are still in academia, such as Prof. Carl Ruck at Boston University, and who participated in these matters, ought to be pursued. People who do not work in the best interests of our children’s minds and education have, obviously, no place in academia. I give the CIA a total credit for sponsoring and initiating the entire consciousness-movement counterculture events of the 1960s… the CIA funded and supported and encouraged hundreds of young psychologists to experiment with this drug. The fallout from that was that the young psychiatrists started taking it themselves discovering that it was an intelligence enhancing, intelligence raising experience.

This paper reveals, for the first time, how the opposite of the official history is true, and that the CIA did, in fact, create the psychedelic revolution and countercultures – intentionally. The official history has it that the CIA personnel involved in MKULTRA were just dupes, kind of stupid, and, by their egregious errors, the psychedelic revolution “happened” – thwarting their efforts. The fake profiles on wooplus claim is that these substances “got out of the CIA’s control.” Words like “blowback” and “incompetence” are often tossed around in such theories regarding the CIA and military intelligence, but without much, if any, supporting evidence. Youth in Hong Kong have adopted the Buddha-like mindset as they face a similar plight of no longer having the social mobility opportunities their parents had.

Detailed information on Māyā is mainly derived from later literature. The family resided in Kapilavastu (Pāli, Kapilavatthu) at the foot of the Himalayas near the present-day Indian-Nepalese border. The future Buddha is said to have been born in Lumbinī, also near the Indian-Nepalese border. In 248 b.c.e., Aśoka placed a pillar with an inscription commemorating the birth of Śākyamuni Buddha in Lumbinī. Therefore, it is certain that during the time of Aśoka this place was identified as the birthplace of the Buddha. Lumbinī is considered to be one of the four main Buddhist pilgrimage sites on the Indian subcontinent.

Certainly, these events- which historicizers would place only six centuries before the common era, when historians and travelers were abundant enough to have noticed- are not “historical” but mythical. “We have little information of the innumerable Budhas who have appeared in the past ages, until we come to the twenty-four who immediately preceded Gotama; and even their history consists of little more than names and correlative incidents…. These copious variants are not only transliterations limited to Western writers; indeed, not a few of them are the result of the culture in which the ideology was developed. Moreover, as we shall see, this “founder” of which Hardy speaks is not a person at all but a mishmash of myths and sayings that go back centuries and millennia prior to the alleged advent of “the Buddha,” i.e., Siddhartha, Gautama, Sakyamuni or other name. He is said to have had a miraculous birth, precocious childhood, and a princely upbringing.

It shall be some time but earlier than girls control the marriage mattress, although many males married to Thai ladies consider they try this now. We’ve seen how weaponized anthropology and native revivalism were sold to the masses. It appears that the “religious experience” sold to the population via the drugs, neo-shamanism and Eastern mysticism was something else entirely, a wolf in sheep’s clothing – the Fall (and Aldous Huxley was a Fabian Socialist whose logo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing).